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Baby Greens Salad with Beets & Goat Cheese also features red onion and walnuts, topped with orange vinaigrette. Great for winter or any time of the year.

Baby Greens Salad with Beets & Goat Cheese

Baby Greens Salad with Beets & Goat Cheese is the perfect winter salad, but also great any time of the year! We love salad. Well, maybe I like it more than anyone else, so I try to make more than just a traditional tossed salad if I am serving it before our main course. That is what makes this Baby Greens Salad…

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Round out any meal with this side dish of fried red potatoes, sweet potatoes, and beets that is delicious and packed with vitamins and high in fiber.

Fried Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, & Beets

This side dish of Fried Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, & Beets combines three root vegetables that I love! And really, what’s not to love? Frying the red potatoes and sweet potatoes give them a crispy outside and soft inside. The fiber and vitamins are certainly an added bonus. In this dish I was able to use the fresh sage that has been growing…

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Roasted Beets & Feta Salad

This recipe is another one of my husband’s favorites. We love beets and feta cheese, so putting them together was a no-brainer. The one thing I want to point out about this recipe is that I have tried roasting the beets without the skin (because I thought it would be easier to peel them before they were cooked, instead of…

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