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Chicken Salad combines chicken, cucumber, yogurt, avocado, salt, pepper and lime juice to make a dish with no mayo that is quick, easy and super healthy!

Super Healthy Chicken Salad

Super Healthy Chicken Salad is quick, easy, and mayonnaise free! I am always looking for ways to make dishes lower in fat and calories, allowing us to eat better overall. So when I was coming up with this recipe for Super Healthy Chicken Salad I decided to substitute the mayonnaise with a mixture of mashed avocado and plain yogurt. We…

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These Chicken Wraps combine chicken, lettuce, carrots, cucumber, and Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing and make a great light lunch or dinner.

Chicken Wraps

Chicken Wraps make a great light dinner because they are made with grilled chicken breasts and lots of fresh vegetables. You can make them however you like them, using your favorite veggies and sauce. The possibilities are nearly endless! I love that I can specialize these to each person, using only ingredients that each of us love. You can cook the chicken…

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