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Want a light potato salad recipe? This version combines red potatoes and onions, sweet pickles, celery, plain yogurt, mayo, and a little Dijon mustard.

Light Potato Salad

My recipe for Light Potato Salad combines creamy red potatoes with sweet red onion, crunchy sweet pickles, crisp celery, light mayo, plain yogurt to make it lighter, and a little Dijon mustard to give it a little zip. It is so delicious! I love potatoes in any way, and I chose to use mayo with olive oil and nonfat yogurt…

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Looking for a light and easy drop biscuit recipe? This recipe was adapted from a Pillsbury cookbook and uses low-fat plain yogurt making it healthier.

Light Yogurt Drop Biscuits

Today’s recipe is for Light Yogurt Drop Biscuits. I got this recipe out of a Pillsbury Healthy Baking Cookbook. The original recipe called for sour cream, but I decided to substitute it with nonfat plain yogurt. I think it came out well. There are a few things that I really like about this recipe. They are better for you than…

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Are you looking for the perfect light potato soup? Low-fat milk and cheese as well as light sour cream make this soup creamy and light.

Light & Creamy Potato Soup

Low-fat milk, light sour cream, and cheese made with 2% milk make this Light & Creamy Potato Soup a healthier alternative to regular versions. The broccoli and carrots also give it some valuable nutrients. To learn more about the health benefits of broccoli check out this very informative post @ http://www.well-beingsecrets.com/health-benefits-of-broccoli/. I like my soup a little chunkier than some you…

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Waldorf Pasta Salad w/Pineapples

The end of the school year is winding down and we are as busy as ever. Prom, a couple banquets, getting ready for my youngest daughter to go out-of-town for the state forensics tournament this Friday, and finals week. If we can just get through the next month it will be smooth sailing over the summer. This pasta salad is…

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