Quick & Easy Air Fryer Country Style Ribs Recipe

Tender and juicy boneless pork ribs are cooked in the air fryer and ready in 20 minutes. Perfect for family gatherings or dinner with friends.

I have made this recipe for boneless pork ribs so easy by using a prepared dry rub and store bought barbecue sauce. We love dishes like this because there is almost no prep work.


Cut any large pieces of fat off of the back of the ribs. Spray all sides of the ribs with cooking spray and sprinkle with rib rub.


Place ribs in the bottom of the air fryer basket in a single layer with a little room in between each piece.


Set temperature to 380° and time to 8 minutes, flip over and cook another 8 minutes.


Brush all sides of the ribs with barbecue sauce and cook at 400° for 3 minutes.  Serve with additional bbq sauce for dipping, if desired.


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